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I work in private practice offering integrative therapy & psychospiritual energy healing. My work is transpersonal and heart-led. I integrate over a decade of passionate training and experience combining:

Jungian orientated psychology (transpersonal)

— Art therapy 

— Eastern philosophy & esotericism (I am trained in Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposopy or spirit-science teachings, which encompasses a bio-psycho-spiritual therapuetic application)

— Shamanic, indigenous nature-based energy healing

— Non-dual and 'loving awareness' somatic meditation

— Plant medicine integration.

I offer this transpersonal practice in service to healing and deeper self-awareness; for individuals' transformation and for our collective systemic change, for the benefit all beings.

 My training & 7+ years experience in therapeutic practice, healing retreats and decades in the arts, weaves into sessions that include:

— Talk therapy, art therapy, expressive arts & biographical counselling, 

 — Guided mindfulness meditation, somatic (body) self-inquiry exploration,

— Shamanic journeying, active + passive (guiding you or teaching you through your own journey processes & shadow work, and/or physical + energetic body work that you receive, including for extraction, healing & soul retrieval),

— Integration for those working with healing plants, psychedelic and other 

[In brief, Shamanism is an ancient, animistic healing tradition, working with energy, the natural elements & benevolent spirit forces as guides, physical and non-physical. It is powerful work that compliments western transpersonal psychology & somatic self-inquiry work beautifully, for in contemporary society our accumulated stress, trauma and issues that are stored in the physical body (soma) & mental/emotional bodies need help to be released. In this way we can awaken to our true soul destiny more deeply. Please email me for more information about Shamanic work].

I've worked alongside fellow therapists & doctors in respected healing establishments including Camphill Aberdeen & charities supporting children, teenagers & adults with neurodiverse presentations. My private practice is trauma-informed and I have experience working with (not limited to): accumulated stress, stuckness, chronic illness & disease, trauma, PTSD, family & relationship issues, addictions, eating disorders, grief, depression, anxiety, confidence issues, loss of power or soul loss, soul empowerment & life purpose-questing, shadow work, biographical, childhood & ancestral work. My transpersonal methods weave together depending on your needs and unique way of being in the world. I also provide mentoring & support for fellow practitioners. 

Working together
requires a certain degree of self-awareness & willingness to dive into the exploration of self.  My nature and skills work intuitively, biopsychospiritually and creatively in an upbuilding method with the soul, spirit and heart. I seek to uphold core therapeutic values in my work of congruence, unconditional positive regard and accurate empathic understanding. We work safely as equal companions on your journey. We learn together, knowing the answer is within you.

I provide homework with these integrative approaches, providing you with creative prompts, guided meditations + somatic breathwork tracks and developmental tools for reconnecting to nature.  

If you would like to find out more about all of these ways of working, and details about how sessions work, you are welcome to write to me for a more detailed information PDFs on counselling, art and shamanic work. 


1-1 Online Zoom sessions: 60 minutes at £60* 

In person sessions (at my home studio in Norfolk UK, or to your location) including for shamanic healing: 90 minutes, beginning at £80*;

Shamanic healing ceremony: approx 3 hours, beginning at £200

All our work together is private & confidential.
I work fully insured, supervised and adhere to the BACP ethical framework
I am a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Full details including about payment are provided in my information pack. 
*I offer sessions on a sliding scale if needed.

If you feel to reach out, to enquire about a session and to find out more,  please get in touch. 

In warmth and light,