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About the Artist

b. 1990
Living and working in Norfolk, UK.

Selected Artistic Trainings
BA Fine Art, Falmouth University, Cornwall, UK, 2013 (first class honours) 

MA MCGI Therapeutic Arts Counsellor (Transpersonal Arts in Therapy), Tobias School of Art & Therapy, Sussex, UK, 2019 (first class honours)  


Invict/us Magazine, Issue 4, 2024
The Horae Journal, Aligned Light, SS 2023


My paintings are transpersonal, meditative and therapeutic channels that bring oneself closer to soul and human nature. They emerge through a psychospiritual approach to art as self-inquiry. In the echos of Jung, the art aims to find a passage between a 'tension of opposites', revealing a transcendant function.

Each painting is a slow window to confide in, a mirror to illuminate something of the soul: of human consciousness and the working through of the unconscious collective shadow and karma, of form giving way to energy, the mystery of life, whilst revering Spirit in nature.

You can contact me: [email protected]
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